The Untold Saga


“Success is not a big step in the future, success is a small step taken now!”

Every journey begins with the baby steps, we all know that and similarly, keeping this thought in mind, we started this journey of providing edible oil firstly in our smaller area.

The idea of making an impact in the market through the edible oil industry popped up in our mind in the 1990’s. We created our little office and manufacturing of Rani Refined Groundnut Oil in Rajkot. The whole motive behind it was to provide our people with the best and the healthiest edible oil they can have and at an affordable price. We know that slowly but surely, people will come to understand what is really beneficial for our health.



Being a voice and a souvenir

After a successful 5 year tenure with our clients’ love and demand, we planned to widen our business and implanted a manufacturing unit at Sapar in 1995. Believing in our rituals and culture we head-started our business for Sapar and Rajkot since then on. The whole idea of manufacturing Rani Oil was to create a healthy and tasty environment in every clients’ space. Our thought made an impact and even we never thought that we might be able to take our business out of Rajkot. But you know what they say, It’s all written you just need to work hard and push yourself a mile every day. Thus, with God’s grace and our clients’ love, we built our unit here in Sapar.


The kick Start towards the upcoming ERA


As you can see, our Sapar Unit was ready to take action. It is said, Good things take time. We believe that good things do take time, but you need to keep working hard to bring the best time. Our Sapar manufacturing unit was a go, and we had an inauguration and all the rituals completed and started manufacturing in Sapar. Yes, we admit that it was not easy to cope-up with both the units in Rajkot and Sapar together. But, you never find anything easy anywhere. With all the blood and sweat, we tried our best to tie both the ends and at a certain point of time, we did it. But, we never took this growth of our business for granted and ground with every single ounce of our blood and sweat to make it worth it.



The Stepping Stone

Hard work always pays off and it did. We made ourselves renowned as one of the best sellers for Refined Edible Oils. Creating a variety of edible oils like: Sunflower Oil, Groundnut Oil, Soybean Oil, Cottonseed Oil and Corn Oil. Creating a blend of taste and health in a different way was noticed by everyone in Saurashtra and made us manufacture more and more in a short time span. This led us to build another manufacturing unit in Kadi. Every time a product was sold, it made us work harder than before to maintain our position in the market and how to stand out. After the inauguration ceremony, we started producing our products in a way that should reach each and every house and there should not be a shortage of any of our products.


Two generations holding hand in hand


With these creations and milestones we had, and keeping in mind all the employment opportunities, it wasn’t at all easy to handle them. Thus, we needed a head office to manage all these units. We built the Head Office in our very own hometown Rajkot in 2K18. Progressing each and every day to our best for making our products more affordable and reliable. All the varieties of our products from a 1 liter pouch to 20 liter Tins were in the market and we saw the love of our customers for our products. Retailing stores were also excited to sell our products everyday.



Time to expand the business pan India

Leading this industry made us move further for our success and created a milestone to sell our products not only in Saurashtra but also in Kutch. It wasn’t easy at all, but we made it possible, and now we also have our Refined Oil in Kutch on demand. All of this won’t be possible without the courage and firm belief in mind. As stated earlier, success is a small step taken now! And we did it. We took a step then in the 1990’s and here we are now, selling our products pan India.